It’s hard for me to express the enjoyment and success I have had fishing with Capt. Chris Gouras. His fishing knowledge, instincts and the drive to succeed have created many memorable days out on the water with family and friends.

Just wanted to say that I have fished with many a good fisherman but I have never been around anyone who puts so much thought and effort into locating and then catching fish. 
For a great experience I would definitely recommend calling Mr. Gouras…….. 

Been trying to keep up with Capt. Kenny on the triple tail, but he still is holding the title with a 17.5 lbr. We have caught some good ones, tagged several, and even recaptured a few tagged fish. We have been assisting the Gulf Coast Research Lab in collecting large male triple tails. They need the big boys to fertilize the females. Have been able to get them a few, but have had to call in some help. Twice my good friend Chris Gouras from Panacea, FL has come over to help us get some big fish. He is still the best triple tail fisherman I have ever seen. My goal is to get him and Capt. Kenny to go toe to toe triple tail fishing. Those fish would not stand a chance! 

A few weeks ago, my son Walker brought up our time with you last year down in Florida. He said it was the best time of fishing and hanging out that he has ever had! You made quite an impression on both Ty and Walker!! I really appreciated your hospitality towards me and my sons (copied on this email). Perhaps we can get down there again some time. Hit me back with a “catch up” email when you get a chance. 
Blessings to you my friend,

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you last Wednesday. You are a great fisherman and guide. I look forward to having a chance to fish again with you in the future. Ed sent me a picture of me and my redfish. The way you had me hold the fish “just right” for your camera sure does show it off nicely. I may have to print it for my desk. What was the name of the area in which we caught it?
Again, thanks for a great day on the water

Wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet a fellow angler with your enthusiasm. With the great location that you have, I am envious!
Your area, without a doubt, is one of the most picturesque areas in all Florida…..with wonderful fishing! Hope to get back your way in the near future.
Hopefully, we will be able to fish together someday. If you get down this way please let me know; we can get on the water here.

Today was a day of many firsts for me. Only had one angler on the boat, Mr. Chris Gouras from Panacea, Florida. Thought I would be home early to watch the Saint’s game, but it turned out to be my longest day on the water this year. Mr. Chris was here for the triple fishing, but the choppy seas sent us looking for redfish all day. The reds were no problem, we got his 5 and 3 for me (guides gotta eat too). Burned through almost all of our big shrimp and I actually hadno intention of triple tail fishing. The seas were pretty angry on the way home, but the Hydra Sport did great. The second buoy we passed in open water had a triple tail under it. Mr. Chris got to show his skills and they were impressive! Turns out, the 65 years young angler has been  fishing hard core for triple tail for the last twenty years. He used a bullet weight and circle hook, much like you would rig a bass worm. I have always been a cork man, but his technique was flawless. Did not get the fish to bite, mainly I snagged the line on the crab float with my cork set up. The next few buoys we fished all had fish on them. When the smoke cleared, we had seen 10 triple tail in hands down the roughest water I have ever triple tail fished in! Mr. Chris got 5 of them to bite with either the tiniest of shrimp we had, or dead shrimp. Every cast he made was on the money. It was a treat to watch. He kept two of the bigger fish, tagged two of the smaller ones and be broke off one. 3 of the ones we could not get to bite had some shoulders on them. They were good uns. I firmly believer this guy could even give the great Capt. Kenny Shiyou a run for his money on triple tripletail. He was the best I have ever seen. Full day on the water, but learned some new tricks with a good dude. 

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